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Custom Clothing Manufacturer

For decades contributing itself as a reliable knitted fabric and garment manufacturer, SiATEX has provide customers from number of dynamic markets like USA, EU, Japan, Australia with premium custom clothing manufacturing service. Oriented not similar to any other custom clothing factory, SiATEX focused on perfecting its own capability of providing a super supportive one-stop-shop manufacturing service to share more value with their customer by save their cost, time and effort spent on manufacturing high quality products.

Custom T-shirts Manufacturer

The most demanded products in the world of knitted clothing must always be T-Shirt. The variety of premium compositions, knitting style, weight, color, prints as well as designs makes the diversity of T-Shirts. At SiATEX Bangladesh where each T-Shirt features desired characteristics like being breathable, absorbent, light weight, soft-touch and smooth…, the ability to develop any kind of fabrics for T-Shirt are our proud. There is almost no limitation in our customer’s option of fabric for their gorgeous design. Come to SiATEX fabric bank, you may surprise of how good a custom polyester shirt might be, even much better than a cotton T-Shirt. When new technologies involve, new generation of polyester like Aerocool, Aerogear, Aerosilver have been created and applied very well into SiATEX’s new kind of fabric. No need to worry if you have some problem with your fabric supplier which limits your options of fabrics, SiATEX in-house experts always have better solutions for you.

Custom Printed Leggings Manufacturer

In the world of appealing & demanded leggings, printed leggings must be the most desired item that every women who would love to live a fashionable, modern, active, full of energy and stylish life. Custom printed leggings provided by a professional custom legging manufacturer like SiATEX’s one-stop-shop manufacturing are stretchy, breathable, absorbent, quick dry enough to enchant all girls and women by making them fell free and super comfy for all day long. Varying from custom sublimated leggings to digital, screen or 3D printed leggings, our comprehensive collection of custom printed leggings are diverse enough to meet well with different tastes. Having a strong team of yarn and fabric experts cooperating with an active sourcing department, SiATEX has advantage in material development. Almost kind of innovative knitted fabric are available in SiATEX’s fabric bank. With a wide network of material suppliers allowing SiATEX develop any new kind of fabric, SiATEX is providing an ideal One-Stop-Shop service for both experience and new business to up the game on the fashion and clothing market. We complete our manufacturing capability with a proficient factory. Well trained, All of our workers can master all kind of machines and fit well with any arrangement in production lines. That’s our key to make the competitive price products while remaining the highest level of quality.

Custom Underwear Manufacturer

Distinguished from custom underwear manufacturer in the North of Vietnam, SiATEX also focus on its service instead of pursuing the business model of economy of scale. An one-stop-shop service for manufacturing ultra-soft, super breathable, absorbent and anti-bacteria underwear are available here. All tasks of manufacturing from material development to design, pattern making, sample development, production, inspection and delivery are included in our service. That’s aimed to save customer’s cost and time from wasting in dealing with too many service suppliers. In value chain where quality, function, and value of an underwear products, cooperating with a reliable, flexible, supportive and adaptive manufacturer can be consider as an unbeatable advantage of a fashion and clothing business. If you are looking for the same purpose, let’s experience our service.