Wholesale Private Label Clothing Manufacturer & Supplier In Bangladesh

Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

Widely recognized among leading private label clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh, SiATEX is set on the mission of simplifying complexities of private label apparel manufacturing by providing unique one-stop-shop services as a dedicated private label clothing manufacturer. This service handles subsequent tasks such as designing and making tech-packs, sample development, bulk production, inspection, and logistics. In addition, this task includes the sourcing and development of new kinds of knit fabric which is also one of SiATEX’s specialty. This enable us to help our customer develop any new design of white label clothing

Private Label T-Shirt Manufacturer

Focused on fashionable and high-quality T-shirts which provide wearer with outstanding comfort and supportive functions, yarn and fabric experts at SiATEX Bangladesh is always set out to source and develop new and premium quality fabrics which are not only breathable, absorbent and quick-dry but also anti-bacterial, eco-friendly, super soft and smooth and the list goes on. Combining these functions with the 30 years of experience as a leading knitted fabric & garment manufacturer and supplier, SiATEX keeps up to date with latest trends and innovations in the material industry to provide our customers with unlimited options and full-package manufacturing services. T-Shirts ranging from casual t-shirts, plain t-shirts, printed t-shirts to active wear t-shirts, or fitness, yoga, running t-shirts can be developed and produced here at SiATEX at very high quality but with economic cost. We warmly welcome our customers to come with their new ideas of their private label t-shirts and see how their services to bring those ideas to life in their desired items.

Private Label Polo Shirts Manufacturer

Without a doubt, polo shirt is undeniably the most common and regular fashion items, which can be utilized in multiple occasions, in both working and casual activates. Responding to the huge market demand, SiATEX Bangladesh distributes wholesale solutions, bulk manufacturing as well as provide private label for all kinds of polo shirts, from basic short sleeve to complex and luxury golf polo shirts. Thanks to our tremendous capacity and more than 30 years of experience in producing, trading and developing textile products, we can obtain specific requirement of customers from different regions such as Europe, USA, Japan, Australia in order to save our customers’ time, expense, and effort. We provide a one-stop-shop manufacturing service covering material development to sourcing to design, pattern making, sample development, production and delivery. Therefore, you no longer need to travel anywhere or look to many different service suppliers for separate stages of manufacturing.

Private Label Hoodies Manufacturer

Hoodies are categorized as dominant active wear items, due to the fact that they are favorable by customers who love a dynamic and active life. In combination with a one-stop-shop manufacturing service provide by a professional private label clothing manufacturer like SiATEX Bangladesh, there is no better time to introduce your best hoodies to your customers. Our first priority is to update and master the latest technology as the roots for the quality and manufacturing process, therefore we continuously enhance our capacity in both machines and human resources. Consequently, you are guaranteed to observe the high efficiency, consistent extraordinary products standard with competitive prices. In terms of customer service, we engage all of our departments from development and sourcing department to technicians, sales, merchandisers, logistics and workers to provide you with exceptional service. Our goal is to construct lasting relationship with our contractors to create a win-win business cooperation.

Private Label Activewear Manufacturer

Sticking to the desires of a modern, healthy and active life, the increasing demand of activewear is the driving product strategy of almost all apparel business and white label clothing manufacturers. As a pioneer private label active wear manufacturer in Bangladesh, SiATEX is capable and experienced enough to provide a one-stop shop manufacturing service helping knitted fashion and clothing business producing almost all kind of active wear. Our services have been helping many customers from the USA, EU, Japan, Australia by manufacturing a comprehensive range of active wear from private label yoga wear to private label gym wear which are all the perfect intersection between fashionable and functional characteristics. We aim to make each piece of activewear become a must-have item for active and fashion needs. Whether it be a completed design of a full activewear selection or only a raw idea of a specific product like private label leggings or private label yoga pants, no matter what, just let our service help to bring it to life with the best suitable fabrics, gorgeous designs and an international standardized production system.

Private Label Underwear Manufacturer

Choosing the path to bring better products to as many people as possible, we know how meaningful it is if we can provide a supportive service for manufacturing premium quality private label underwear. Along with private label fitness clothing, underwear is also a very special functional product. They must be constructed to be super soft, smooth, breathable, absorbent, cool, and quick dry as well as be structured and stable enough to provide comfort. With the advantage and capability to develop new kinds of product, we provide our customers with no limit in any design. Customers will have the chance to experience the best supportive service that allow them to develop any design of underwear from their ideas. No need to worry if you don’t have an ideal choice of fabric, our in-house fabric experts are always available to with their best advice.

Private Label Tank-tops Manufacturer

SiATEX Bangladesh has developed our very own tank-top designs and mass-producing process. We now proudly harbor a gorgeous collection for all active wear, sport and training brands. One of the major factor for producing tank-tops and activewear garments is the appropriateness of materials, which cannot be easily acquired by many private label suppliers. This could possibly be a main barrier in selling and developing your own product lines. What sets us apart is that, we at SiATEX, don’t take this as a difficult owing to our harmonious relationship with the fabric and material distributors. With the support from these contractors, we have access to the latest types of fabrics and the ability to develop new hi-tech products independently. Moreover, we have extensive knowledge in knitting, dyeing and sewing which results in our strength and advantage in R&D of new and high-tech textile products. In particular, our high standard materials such as coolmax, merino wool, polyester, cotton, spandex, are able to give your products specification natural movement, fast absorption, moisture management and UV protection.

Private Label Shorts Manufacturer

In order to be your trusted private label shorts distributor, we listen to and respect all of your opinion and ideas. You are in charge of design and specs. whether you are looking for shorts that are casual such as denim or a little dressier like khaki. Our selection shorts will guarantee you exceptional summer comfort. Besides providing private label for shorts, we offer bulk manufacturing and wholesale services with competitive process, fast and timely delivery thanks to our exceptionally effective one-stop-shop service. SiATEX Bangladesh has a strong capacity and long-term experience in the development, manufacturing and trading of textile products and firmly believe that our understanding and knowledge can bring you tremendous satisfaction. Our high standard materials such as polyester, spandex, cotton, can give your ordered shorts outstanding quality. Image shorts which are lightweight, sketchy, flexible, durable breathable and eco friendly. We can guarantee you all that. You can trust our professional management and working team to not let you and your customers down. Last but not least, our competitive prices with fast and timely delivery, will provide you with enormous advantage over other opponent brands.